• Members Comments
    The Reason I Joined Freemasonry

    "My Father and his Brothers are all Masons, so I asked my Dad about it and was initiated in 1990, then I did my 3rd in 1991, I only did another year, as at that time I had a young family and had other interests, so decided to leave, but still went to the odd meeting. Many years later I was told of a good friend I use to work with, who had joined Freemasonry, at my Uncle Norman's lodge, so I went to the next meeting that he was at, and caught up on old times. I got talking to him about the lodge he was in and it sounded really good, so I asked to be proposed as a Joining Member, and that is when I joined Leigh Chase Lodge. Mick Cossington was in the chair when I joined, every one was friendly, helpful and easy going, which made it a pleasure to belong to the Lodge. It's been a pleasure going through the office's to get to the main chair as Master, which has been possible by attending regular lodge of instruction. I have met a lot of interesting people and made friends, by being invited and visiting other lodges".

  • What I get Out of Being a Mason

    "Sixteen years of friendship, fun and a strong sense of belonging to something special, and of commitment to each other and to the wider world is what I have experienced. In all those years I have never had one moment of regret at becoming a member of the Leigh Chase Lodge, knowing that my Lodge and Freemasons generally work to the benefit of all society. The Lodge has that ethos amongst its members that inspires a strong bond of unity. In essence, true friendship which binds the members together, yet leaves open a warm welcome to all who wish to join the Lodge".

  • What inspires me about Freemasonry

    "In the almost 25 years that I have been a freemason I have met many more new friends than I would ever have come across in my normal walks of life. Most if not all of these are like minded and share the same values that I aspire to, values of honesty, loyalty, generosity and charity. Our meetings, or gatherings provide opportunities to socialise and renew these acquaintances, also to enact short play let scenarios for our own enjoyment and that of those others present. I am also proud to be able to say that our organisation gives far more too charitable causes (not just masonic causes), apart from the national lottery and is able to respond quicker than almost any other charity to disaster relief funds. Leigh Chase welcomes enquiries from men over 21 who believe the statements made above appeal to them, although it should be pointed out that there is a moderately rigorous selection process".

  • What Freemasonry Means to Me

    "In the often chaotic and at times manic world we live in it is very refreshing to go in to a Lodge meeting and celebrate those values and ways of life that we all take for granted in our day to day lives. Freemasonry promotes many values which include at its heart Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth Brotherly Love. To respect and honour your neighbour and do unto him as you would have him do unto you is something which most civilisations rely on for daily life to peacefully exist. We promote and celebrate this ideal. Relief. To bring relief to those who are less fortunate than ourselves by donating to worthy causes such as hospices and other Charities bringing a feeling of satisfaction and joy to know that our coming together to have a meeting and pleasant dinner afterwards will be benefitting someone else less fortunate somewhere. Truth. Celebrating and exercising moral virtues such as trust, honour, honesty, integrity and many others which again provide the basis and foundation of a civilised society to exist and allow all to live freely and without fear of persecution. Above all we come together as like minded individuals to work as part of a team to bring happiness in to the lives of as many people as possible. To spread happiness is another core value of Freemasonry. Whether that be ourselves at our meetings or over a meal or those less fortunate who maybe in distress or need is I believe what it is all about. To cap it all in the eleven years I have been a Freemason I have met many like minded people and made many, many new Friends several of which I now count as close Friends. I would highly recommend Freemasonry to anyone looking for a new perspective on life and looking to help others whilst having a good time themselves".

  • What Masonry Means to Me

    "A few words or points of what Freemasonry means to me. The feeling of being part of a team that all come together to show other lodges what great work we do. Meeting many different people from different backgrounds, all of which I would never have met before. Making contacts with people and being able to help others. The pure amount of money we raise for great causes. Achieving progress through various offices and being the master of the lodge was very rewarding. Having loads of fun along the way".

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